Band Co-Ordinator 2022

We are looking for a friendly, proactive and organised individual to coordinate the concert band and training band in conjunction with the JPPS P&C Band Sub-committee. The bands rehearse once per week each. The JPPS concert band and JPPS Training band perform at competitions throughout the year and at assemblies corresponding to education week, book week, year 6 special assembly, SRC induction assembly and End of year assembly. The coordinator is responsible for organising the Band workshop, Band weekend and the Information Recruitment night. Hours are flexible, and we will do our best to suit the needs of the candidate and the school community.

  • Casual position
  • 10 to 15 hours per week; 5 days per week.
  • In accordance with National Employment Standards and the MA000104 Miscellaneous Award (Level 2 – Hourly Pay Rate $27.15 + superannuation)

Location: John Purchase Public School, Cherrybrook, close to public transport

Your employer:  John Purchase Public School (JPPS) Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) works together with the school’s staff, students and broader community to advance education and provide a successful music program.  The role will report directly to the P&C Executive and work collaboratively with the P&C Band Sub Committee and volunteers.

During school term, weekly hours will be approximately ten (10) to 15 (fifteen) hours per week, distributed across five days. Busy periods such as the competition, performances at assemblies corresponding to education week, book week, year 6 special assembly, SRC induction assembly and End of year assembly, Band workshop, Band weekend and the Information Recruitment night will require additional hours. All hours will be paid according to timesheet.

Role Description:  As the JPPS’ Band Coordinator you will:  

  • Be the primary contact to the JPPS community for the band program that encompasses JPPS Training Band and JPPS Concert Band.  
  • Arrange all band events, performances, workshops and rehearsals.
  • Coordinates band students and parent volunteers and liaises with school and Band Conductor to organise music, instruments and schedule events

A full job description is available here.

Your role:  You will have responsibility for leading the following activities and delivering these key tasks:

  1. Coordinate and maintain a network of volunteers from our school community to assist with special band performances and events. 
  2. Provide ongoing leadership to both training and concert band students and volunteers through demonstration and supervision;
  3. Ensuring that band adheres to all relevant Association rules as well as State and Federal laws that may apply;
  4. Ensuring that band adheres to schools duty of care requirements including safety, security, transportation, housing, and meals are adequately met at all events.
  5. Organisation of all band activities including band rehearsals, eisteddfods, excursions, band workshops and the annual band weekend (Checklists available)
  6. Helps to assure the effective operation of the concert Band and training Band by organising and coordinating students, volunteers, and supervising section leaders and assistants.
  7. Helps to assure the effective management of the concert Band and training Band by organising and distributing music library (music folders, music filing, AMCOS stamp), Music instrument lifecycle (from acquisition to retirement) and uniforms.
  8. Organise re-enrolment and new enrolments (I.e. My School Music team), Identify and fill band leader positions;
  9. Contributes to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.
  10. Liaising with Band Conductor when organising events, rehearsals, band positions, instrument needs, and liaising with school when arranging dates including workshop, camp, assembly performances, competitions, information evening and end of year concert;
  11. Helps to ensure the success of the band by communicating with the JPPS community (School, Volunteers, Parents, Students, JPPS P&C) to notify on all matters pertaining to the band (events, rehearsals, needs) as needed and performing all other duties assigned.
  12. Liaise with the Band treasurer from the Band subcommittee on all treasury/finance matters including the Band Budget, Fees, Payments, and Instrument purchases

Successful applicants must have:

  • Excellent time management, organisational and administrative skills 
  • High level of integrity 
  • Great people skills
  • Great affinity and rapport with children.
  • Valid Working with Children Clearance 

It would be advantageous to have a familiarity with Music.

If you are interested in this job, please email your resume to or call 0405 152 568 for further information.

Applications close on 20th March 2022